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Rewild Wellness with Lea Pickard

Feb 24, 2021

Did you know it's possible to look and feel great using local products made of simple and natural ingredients?

Maria Velve is a makeup artist and a college professor by trade – an unusual combination that has made for an interesting career. She taught English in Korea, done intricate costume makeup for films, and managed a busy downtown Toronto luxury spa. Maria Velve, a certified makeup artist and green beauty expert on a mission to connect you with clean and effective products made in Canada. Plus, Maria can teach you how to use them in a way that makes you feel fresh, confident, and – most importantly – like yourself.

In this episode, we dive into everything behind green beauty. Green beauty is skincare or makeup products that take into consideration how companies create the product. There has to be some sustainability in there. Overall, it's how the creator makes a product, what it's made with, and how it impacts you. Plus, we have to think about the packaging. If the packing is not recyclable, then we can't call it green beauty!

Later, we talk all about the importance of self-care. Self-care is enormous, especially during these challenging times. Women need to take a little bit of time for their self-care every day. We need to understand that self-care is necessary; no one else can do it for us. Luckily, green beauty products can play a massive role in our self-care routines. It can be a sensory treat; you can apply beautiful products with essential oils – so relaxing! Tune in as we talk about the minimalist approach to beauty, why we need to listen to our skin, and how to get started with green beauty.

In This Episode:

  • About Maria Velve [ 1:10 ]
  • What green beauty actually means [ 4:20 ]
  • The difference between clean beauty and green beauty [ 7:50 ]
  • The importance of local beauty [ 17:15 ]
  • Why green beauty matters [ 19:25 ]
  • The reasons we should buy green beauty products [ 25:30 ]
  • About the minimalist approach to beauty products [ 37:10 ]
  • Learn to assess which products we actually need [ 50:00 ]
  • The best way to switch over to green beauty [ 58:45 ]



  • “With most green beauty products, the ingredient lists are shorter.”
  • “I think the importance of self-care is huge.”
  • “The number one person who should be taking care of you is YOU.”
  • “Make sure that you get an oil that is great for your skin type.”
  • “It's shocking to see how much conventional beauty products cost.”

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